FRAGMENTE nie geschriebener briefe

by zazie von einem anderen stern



FRAGMENTE nie geschriebener briefe


with love. for t.
- as well as was dennoch fehlt for annenmaykantereit & in remembrance of erich fried -

special thanks to maja & frida. miaow miaow.


released December 19, 2015


all music written & played by maike zazie matern
cover artwork by maike zazie matern
executive producer // dimitri komedea.
cassettes powered by oomkah dee & dubbed by go:tape.
© 2015 maike zazie matern



all rights reserved


zazie von einem anderen stern Berlin, Germany

maike zazie matern is berlin based contemporary classical solo pianist & experimental sound artist zazie von einem anderen stern

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Track Name: was dennoch fehlt
english translation//

i miss
brown tousled hair.
the first thing i've seen of you through the window. -

i miss
our key duets. -
i miss
when frida is rubbing against your bag. -

i miss
looking at the window frame in your kitchen. -

i miss
the smell of your skin. -
falling asleep together
nestled to each other like two spoons. -

i miss
your tears in my bed. -

i miss
to wake up with you
and then going in the kitchen
while you fall asleep again. -

i miss
smoky kisses. -

i miss
the word "eye bogey".
nobody said this before you. -

i miss
your hoodie. -

i miss
our endless conversations
in the deep of the night. -

i already mentioned arm wrestling. -

i miss
your voice in the interphone. -

i miss
exploration of fibromas,
the only blemish of your beauty. -

so many things we still wanted to do together.
oh man.
Track Name: komm
english translation//

I'd Ilke to find a way for us
where love is not a load
where it doesn't mean another burden to carry
without any final desperation about
not to be able to measure up to the other's expectations

to love always means openness
and the possibility to get disappointed
- vulnerability -
or even to disappoint

you and I
we can't help us
but to disappoint each other
again and again
when we are in our inner conflicts
between ourselves and the other one
this conflict always will exist
cause we are completely different people
only sometimes with very similar
or same feelings and needs -
but often with very contrary ones

I don't expect you
to satisfy all my needs

please please disappoint me
- again and again -
and show me how different you are
as I love you
Track Name: von drei katzen und der eule
english translation//

once there were two little cats called maja & frida

it happened during the year's changing
when it was bitterly cold outside
and again and again soft fluffy white snow was falling down
the snow turned everything a bit lighter
but it was a very long hard and dark winter

between two phases of the moon
the two cats had a very lovely and caring foster father
in the shape of an owl

the cat mummy and the owl were very fond of each other
so firstly they shared their common love for music
then also many feelings and fears,
a multitude of beautiful and sad moments
as finally also their nest
as numberless thoughts and words

they often laughed loudly together
and sometimes they played
trial of their strength in arm wrestling
the cat mummy always won
although the owl was so much taller and stronger
but he always let the cat win who also was cheating

maja and frida Iiked the owl very much as well
and although both of them were
by nature more timorous creatures
soon again and again in the mornings
the owl found one of them lying beside his head
blessed and curled up sleeping

but above the owl's heart a dark shadow was lying
which caught him up again and again
and pestered him in his thoughts
so one night he followed
the call of his inner sadness
and his deepest fears
back into the forest